4 Ways To Give Her Multiple Orgasms

Congratulations if you are a man who wants to send your partner into the ‘zone’ with multiple orgasms!


Women have a biological advantage over men when it comes to orgasms. Unlike men, they don’t have a refractory period (the period of time after men ejaculate when they can’t be aroused). So all women are physiologically capable of having more than one orgasm. So why don’t they and how can you help?

Try these 4 ways to give her multiple orgasms:

1. Talk to her

Believe it or not, many women feel satisfied with one and don’t really think about more unless it happens accidentally. It is a busy world and sometimes they just don’t feel like they have the energy to attempt more. Also, as enlightened as women have become, some still feel it is a little greedy to have more than one. It is kind of like asking for another slice of cake. So merely bringing it up, will start a conversation that makes it more likely that you will have success. She will be secretly happy that you care enough to make sure she feels satisfied.

2. Practice

It takes practice by both you and your partner to help her achieve multiple orgasms. It is sort of like learning to have your first orgasm. She may want to immerse herself in fantasy or do whatever it takes to get her aroused. She will want to use lots of lubrication so she can keep trying for more orgasms by stimulating all of her genital area, while focusing her attention on her clitoris, vagina, and G-spot. The reality is that sometimes she will be able to have multiple orgasms and other times not. That’s okay. She shouldn’t feel pressured.

3. Slow down and use lots of foreplay

There’s no rush, so get started with lots of foreplay. This might not even start in the bedroom. How about a sexy text message during the day to start getting her mind in the right place? Most women also like nipple stimulation so give her nipples some attention either by fingering or licking. The butt and anus are other erogenous areas. A massage or light slap on the butt or a tongue stroke along the anus might be just what she needs. She’ll let you know what she likes or doesn’t like. Foreplay that focuses on clitoris stimulation is important. Try our Neon Finger Fun Vibe for something a little different. It wraps around your finger and delivers pulsating vibrations at just the right angle. Or our Time Travel Teaser Kit is fun to try for a little variety.

4. Learn what works for her

After the foreplay and the first orgasm, it’s time to try for orgasm number two. But how, exactly, to attempt it? After she climaxes, give her clitoris a short break, as most women will be super sensitive at this time. Don’t just stop completely. This might be the time to give her breasts some attention or rub her inner thighs. Saying romantic or naughty things might be what she likes but many women have fantasies during this time and may need quiet to concentrate on ‘chapter two’ of their fantasy! The most important thing is to take your cues from her.

After that brief break, start again with a light touch at first. Try circling with your finger or tongue and gradually get faster and faster until you feel or hear her react. If you time it just right, at the exact moment she is at that fever pitch again, slowly ease your tongue off and she’ll feel waves of unbelievable pleasure. If it isn’t the right time, there is no doubt that she’ll give you prompts!

These tips will increase your chances so give them a try! What is the worst that could happen?


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