5 Reasons to Open Up to Your Partner Tonight!

Why you should open up to your partner

Dating is all about putting your best foot forward. Eventually, though, you’re going to have to switch feet and let your freak flag fly. Here are 5 reasons why you should open up to your partner tonight.

5. Get Satisfied!

Your partner wants to satisfy you, that’s their job! If you keep quiet about your needs and desires, you deprive them of the opportunity to do their job well. Putting up with bad sex leaves everyone dissatisfied, and that dissatisfaction will seep into other areas of your relationship; so it’s best to face the awkward head-on and get what you need.

4. Create a Safe Space

Do you have something on your mind? Chances are your partner does, too. Opening up to them gives them permission to return the favor. Maybe he wants to try butt stuff, or maybe she really isn’t into that thing you do with your tongue. Once you break the ice, the conversation can begin. Open, honest communication is key to building trust; and trust is vital to good, lasting relationships.

3. Boldly go where no man has gone before!

Okay, so maybe someone has gone there before; but have you? Verbalizing your curiosity opens up bright new frontiers of kinky exploration. Your partner might have some dissatisfied curiosity lingering in the back of their mind as well. They may even have some experience they’re just dying to share with you!

2. Have an adventure 

People never stop growing and developing. We crave new knowledge and experiences on a deep, visceral level. When your whole life is routine from the bedroom to the office, you deprive the part of you which craves adventure. This leaves you restless, bored, agitated, and looking for more. Can that lead to abandoning a good relationship for a fresh one? Absolutely. So the idea is to keep your good relationship fresh! Open up the doors to adventure.

1. Bond. Deep Bond. Shared secrets are the glue which holds relationships together. Not just romantic relationships; think back to your childhood. Do you remember your BFF? The one you could tell anything to, who pushed you to do more, live larger. Do you remember feeling loved in your weirdest moments? That best friend forever feeling is ten times better when your best friend is also your partner. Create that bond by stripping away all the propriety, all of the facades, all of the should you’ve wrapped yourself in. Recapture the weird within, and share it without preamble.

Honesty allows the bond you share to go beyond the responsibilities, the plans, and the orgasm. Once you allow your authentic self into the bedroom, you give yourself permission to approach all areas of your life authentically. Like attracts like; once you’re 100% whole grain organically you, the people closest to you will have space to do the same.

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