Position is Everything: Nail the 69 Position Like a Pro

Nail the 69 position like a pro


Position is everything and there is a reason that the 69 position has attained such popularity with sexperts, in pop culture references, and, where it matters most, between our sheets with the people we enjoy most. 69ing allows you and your partner complete access to all the most sensual and savory spots on each other while not having to sacrifice any of your own pleasure. Needless to say, it’s the optimal position if you’re into majorly good oral sex, and who isn’t, right? However amazing 69ing may be though, it can sometimes be a hassle to ‘attain the position’ and when you’re both going to town on each other sometimes it’s not so easy to achieve that oh-so-important synchronicity.

So how do you make your 69ing experience the sensual, sexual thrill ride it should be? Have no fear, and check out our simple tips and tricks to nail the 69 position like a pro below!

Comfort is Key

First and foremost being comfortable while 69ing, and really performing any sexual position, is the most important part of taking your lover where you want them to go and allowing for yourself to be washed in that glow of ecstasy. Finding the right way to lie on your partner, or to be laid on, can be tricky at first, but once you figure out just how to position yourself for the ride, your personal variation on 69ing will become your new favorite way of expressing desire. Each of you lying on your side can help ease tired muscles and ensure you’re able to reach every part you want to. Experiment with different styles of the 69 position to find out just what energizes your mojo the most.

Take Your Time

Having patience and taking your time are always important when showing your lover just how much you need them, but doubly so with the 69 position. Though it can be done, 69ing wouldn’t be my jump to position for a lunch break quickie. Trying to rush the experience will only take away from all the reasons 69ing is so good in the first place. Take your time with you partner and try different things. Changing up pressure, speed, and strokes can result in arousal by variation, and switching from your mouth to your hands will not only allow you a quick rest before getting back in there, but also add an extra element to your technique. Also, allow your partner to really feel what you’re doing. They may stop working on you momentarily to experience a wave of stimulation, but everything will come around in time.

Be Creative

Creativity and variety are the main factors of great sex no matter how you choose to get down. Knowing your partners turn ons and working them into your 69 technique is a great way to really make the experience a unique one. Though my editors have asked me not to get nasty with this article, that’s exactly what I’m telling you to do. Don’t be afraid to really get in there and lick or suck anything that makes your lover moan a little bit more.

Though 69ing can allow for a much more intense sexual satisfaction, if it’s your go-to position for you and your partner, maybe it’s time to spice things up just a bit more. Romantix (at www.Romantix.com) has a large line of couple’s toys perfect to up the ante of your 69ing experience. Any of the Luxe vibrators, like the one seen here, are the perfect addition to your 69, or you want something just a bit slicker and tastier, try the Good Head Ultimate Blow Job pack.

By trying these simple tips and tricks you’ll be nailing the 69 position like and pro in no time and crunching those numbers like a mathematician!


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