Same-Sex Seduction: Experimenting with Same-Sex Partners

You don’t have to be gay to experiment with the same sex

As adults, most of us have more than likely discovered that we are partial to a particular sex when it comes to determining who we want to be romantically involved with.



Some of us, as far as we can tell up until this point in time, have come to the conclusion that we’re straight, and that’s perfectly fine because it takes all types to make a world. So, what exactly do you do when you find yourself fantasizing about someone of the same sex when you’re not someone who considers themselves gay?


First of all, there’s no need to panic. It’s not a big deal in the slightest, and it’s actually pretty normal to occasionally be attracted to and curious about members of your given sex.

You do not have to be considered “gay” to be attracted to same-sex individuals or to have a curiosity in experimenting with them. It’s a mark of a healthy relationship with your own sexuality to be curious and open about exploring different sexual experiences, and if you’re genuinely wondering what it’s like to be with a member of your own sex, you shouldn’t have to feel overly concerned about giving it a try. As with all sexual encounters, gay, straight, or otherwise, make sure that if you do choose to experiment, you do so in a safe environment with a safe partner. It’s completely normal to feel nervous and apprehensive, so if you’re feeling some first time jitters, be sure to relay to your partner that this is something entirely new for you. Chances are great that the partner you chose for your same-sex experimenting has had some experience with members of their own sex in the past, and they will actively work to keep you comfortable and calm so that you can enjoy the experience entirely.

A huge benefit of experimenting with same-sex partners is not only learning about what makes your own sex tick, but in turn learning about what exactly makes you tick. Most of us probably have a basic understanding of what we like and how we like to feel in intimate situations, so it’s a highly engaging experience to be able to use that knowledge for the pleasure of another. You may also find that several sensations and actions feel differently when performed by members of the same sex as opposed to the opposite, and it’s wildly exciting to be able to experience and compare both.

If you’re genuinely curious about experimenting with someone from your own sex, please don’t ever be ashamed or afraid to try it, even if it’s just once. If you do choose to experiment and you discover that it’s just not your thing, no harm done, and you’ll always have the experience to reference later in life. On the flip side, however, you may discover that you enjoy the company of one sex more than the other, or that you enjoy them both, and consequently open exciting new doors in your sexuality. Give it a go, you have absolutely nothing to lose!


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