Top 4 Turn Ons for Women

We at Romantix know every woman is different, and every woman has her own favorite characteristic when it comes to picking out men. Some people view this as confusing and frustrating, claiming women are too complicated.

Those people are generally the ones who think the friend zone exists, and that if you’re polite to a girl she should feel obligated to sleep with you. These are the people we want to avoid. In actuality, you should be grateful everyone has different tastes. Because that just means all you have to do to find the women of your dreams is be yourself. But hey, we all want a little help now and again. So here are some of the top 4 turn ons for women.

Sweat and Body Odor

It is believed that when you find someone’s BO alluring, it’s not because your ultra kinky but because their immune system is genetically opposite yours. Which means you two lovebirds would produce offspring with a more versatile immune system. So next time you find someone who can’t get enough of you after that 5 mile run, maybe it’s (evolutionarily) meant to be.

Small touches

Breaking the touch barrier is important whenever you want to become more intimate with someone. Until you do it, she’s not going to want to instigate anything and nothing’s going to move very far. Don’t be a creep, but don’t be afraid to touch her arm, or to sit shoulder to shoulder during movie night.

Handwritten Notes

Texting her cute messages throughout the day might be nice, but nothing’s more romantic than taking time to do something genuine and thoughtful. Pair it with her favorite flower or candy and I guarantee you’ll make her day.


Often times, when things start to get hot and steamy, when the kissing gets more impassioned, and the clothes seem to fall right off, it can seem awkward to ask if she wants to take things further. Just go with the flow, right? If she seems into it she probably is, right? Wrong. Silence does not equal consent and I promise your sweetheart will be more than happy to talk things through with you. Whether you’ve known each other five minutes, or been going steady for five years it’s not just polite to ask for consent. It’s mandatory. Besides, there’s nothing sexier than a man who prioritizes her comfort over his libido.

Find these tips helpful? Have your own you’d like to share? Head over to Romantix and let us know!

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