Keys to Making your Open Relationship a Success

Gay men in open relationships: What works

                Open relationships can be incredibly rewarding; after all, you get to play the field and experience new people, all with the permission of your partner. That being said, an open relationship takes a little bit of extra work to make sure there are no hurt feelings while you are out with another person. These tips will allow for smooth sailing while you navigate an open relationship with your partner.



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When your loved one is gay: why “we all knew!” is the worst thing to say when somebody comes out

Why “we all knew!” is the worst thing to say when somebody comes out

There are tons of blog posts about how to come out to your loved ones if you’ve realized you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or even pansexual. But what if you’re the person on the other end? How do you react? Do you just say “We all knew!” in response? Absolutely not! Read on to learn why this is a mistake.


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Must Read: Important information about STI

Important information about STI

Think you know everything about STIs? Keep reading to test your knowledge.

You can get an STI even if you don’t have sex.

Although the exchange of bodily fluids through sex is a surefire way to get — or give — most STIs, it’s not the only way. Herpes can spread from mouth to genitals (or back) via oral sex while viruses such as HPV can spread through skin-to-skin contact. In fact, using a condom may not be enough to prevent the spread of HPV.

Condoms do prevent transmission of many STIs, however, and you can find them for sale on our site.


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Women and Orgasms: Only 1 out of 3 women can orgasm from receiving vaginal penetration alone. You’re not broken.

Woman and orgasms is often a subject of humor in movies, television shows, books and amongst friends. The typical presented scenario being that the man experiences the excitement and pleasure of a full-blown orgasm, while the woman remains disappointed, disillusioned, and frustrated, trying desperately not to show her dissatisfaction. Of course, there is a reason this is subject matter is common in entertainment and even casual conversation with pals. Women appear unsatisfied after vaginal intercourse because, well, many are! Woman’s Day magazine reports, “according to Planned Parenthood statistics…as many as 80 percent of women have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone”. Of course, this doesn’t seem like very uplifting news for men hoping to give their partners orgasms during sex, or for women wishing to achieve them, but there is good news. There may be a simple reason behind this statistic that in turn reveals a way of attaining climax during vaginal intercourse for those who aren’t finding orgasms coming easy (no pun intended)!


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Buying Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexy!

How to buy lingerie for your body type

The most important thing to know about picking out lingerie is to pick something that suits your personality and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

If you are wondering what turns your guy on, just ask. Don’t be surprised if you ask him what kind of lingerie he would like to see you in and he says “I like you with nothing on.” He is sincere, in case you’re wondering. If you get that kind of response, pick something out for yourself and let him do the honors of taking it off. Then you’re both happy!

Many men have preferences though. A survey in College magazine asked men from different colleges all over the U.S. what their preferences were.

The results are in!

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Thinking Outside Her Box: 8 Super, Hot Sex Tips for Women to Use on Women

Thinking Outside Her Box: 8 Super, Hot Sex Tips for Women to Use on Women
8 Hot Sex Tips for Women to Use on Women

So things have gotten a little “ho-hum” in the bedroom. Maybe you are still new to the girl on girl world? There are only so many ways that a woman can please a woman, right?  Fingers and tongues are great, but fingering her can be a bit monotonous, for both of you.  Sure there is always the old trusty dildo, and there are some amazing ones on the market. But they have a tendency to be a bit one-sided in the pleasure department. To fully ensure you both have a fabulous time,   try these.

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