Penis Pumps, What you need to know

Penis Pumps-We have all seen the advertisements in the backs of magazines, the late night infomercials, and the running ads on websites that offer interesting toys as well as health and wellness products. Penis pumps are often considered an important necessity to men who are looking for a longer penis with a wider girth, men with ED, and men who are looking for another way to provide pleasure.

Looking at the pictures of different types of pumps and what they offer may be a little bit daunting so here is a good break down of the questions you may have.

Do they work?

Yes, for most men who use a penis pump it does lengthen and enlarge their penis while they are using it. When men were asked if they saw a difference they said using it regularly will increase blood flow and cause their member to comfortably swell a bit larger. They are available with either a manual or an electronic pump and come with directions. There may be a few who do not benefit from this type of pump, however the only way to really know is to try it out. Each person will be different, depending on when, how long, and what they are hoping to achieve.

Why do they work?

There are a few different types of penis pumps but they all do the same thing. Once a seal is made at the base of the penis the pumping action pulls the penis into the pump cylinder and depending on your penis and how much you pump, the pumping action will create a light to strong suction. This suction increases the blood flow into the penis causing it to swell. It is important to know that this helps with people who have mild erectile dysfunction as well.

Do they provide pleasure?

Yes, a penis pump will create an erection for some men as it simulates a sucking sensation. If you enjoy the sensation it can be used to provide pleasure.



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