Gay men sex tips to the straight women: There’s More to Men Than You Realize

Women talk about sex with other women all the time, but another woman simply can’t give you the perspective of a man. And a gay man has both the experience as a man and with male partners. So check out these sex tips from gay men to the straight woman.


Take the Initiative

Gay guys spend less time thinking about who’s going to get the ball rolling than straight people seem to. In straight relationships, men initiate sex more often than now. The result? You can feel pestered and your man can feel unwanted. When you make the first move, you make him feel desirable and break out of your routine, which can be exciting for you, too.


One suggestion? Wrap an arm around his neck while you go in for a deep kiss and head further south with the other one to rub him through his pants.

And if you want to do more, plan the entire thing. Pick out outfits, locations, sex toys and roles you’ll play. He’ll love when you take control.


Don’t Forget the Balls

When you’re stroking or sucking his cock, you might focus on the shaft. But testicles are sensitive, too. So dip your head lower for a lick or use your hands to massage them. Don’t forget about his thighs and hips, too.

Society has us convinced that men think with their cocks, but their bodies are just as ripe with erogenous zones as women’s.

Compliment Him

Just like men most often take the initiative, they also give more compliments to their female partners. Things can easily become one-sided, especially if you have a tendency to feel insecure.

Don’t be afraid to praise your man for what he does well — taking care of you and the family, cooking, working hard, keeping you balanced, etc. — as well as a few sexy things (his look, penis, skills, etc.). When you’re naked together, you can moan praise in a sultry manner, and if you do it when he’s doing something you especially like, he’ll do more.

Be Free

Forget about your jiggling thighs or tummy rolls — because he sure has! Try to get out of your head when you’re being naughty and get into the moment, instead. The freer you are, the more he’ll be able to tell if you’re enjoying it and how much. Plus, you’ll be more likely to try new things, and sexperimentation is where it’s at!

Have Confidence

Men, both straight and gay, often seem more confident than women. Whether this true is up for debate. But if you hold your head high, enter a room with confidence and fake it until you make it if you have to. Confidence allows you to be bolder and own your sexuality, something which many women need a hand with.

Encourage Him to Share

Ask what his fantasies are, then share some of yourself, too. Perhaps you can even engage in a little role-playing together to act out those fantasies.

Give Porn a Chance

Finally, we’ve got to tackle porn. Watching porn is certainly something that many men — and some women — do. But more women than men seem to take issue with their partners engaging in this activity.

Remember that porn isn’t cheating, and men are smart enough to know what’s fake. But masturbating to porn is different from having sex, and that’s okay. Besides, you might find out that you like porn, too, and the two of you can watch together.

Keep reading our blog to find out more tips to improve your sex life.



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