Buying Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexy!

How to buy lingerie for your body type

The most important thing to know about picking out lingerie is to pick something that suits your personality and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

If you are wondering what turns your guy on, just ask. Don’t be surprised if you ask him what kind of lingerie he would like to see you in and he says “I like you with nothing on.” He is sincere, in case you’re wondering. If you get that kind of response, pick something out for yourself and let him do the honors of taking it off. Then you’re both happy!

Many men have preferences though. A survey in College magazine asked men from different colleges all over the U.S. what their preferences were.

The results are in!

– Black

Over half (63%) like it best with red a distant second. Our Teddies will make him do a double take.

– Extras

Guys number one pick for accessories are stiletto heels. “Heels are hot as f—k,” Bobby Ceurvels, a senior from Westfield State University, said. “Heels add so much, girls don’t even realize.”

– Lace and Satin

A classic, lace came in as the number one fabric (60%) for lingerie and it was the second choice of 30% more. Sheer and satin tied for second so you really can’t go wrong with either as far as guys are concerned. Leather surprisingly finished last across the board in surveys, with some participants calling it “too advanced.”

– Simplicity

Guys voted for simple rather than detailed lingerie. They also want it uncomplicated so it isn’t confusing to take off.

– Seductive

You may feel a bit silly if you are more shy or laid back but a full 80% of guys said they preferred “seductive” lingerie. Seductive is in the eye of the beholder but it is interesting to note that leather fabric came in dead last for over 60% of participants, and less than 5% selected animal print as their first color/pattern choice.

– Bare

Not surprisingly, nearly 90% of guys reported that less coverage is always better.

So it is fun to see what they like but, most of all, it is what you like. Some women like a little more coverage so here are a few. Try this high slit gown and g-string for a stunning, seductive look or this fun slashed seamless mini dress. This robe won’t keep you warm but as you slip it off it will make him hot!

Oh, and dressing up in costumes came in a very distant last on all the surveys so being yourself is the key. Wear what makes you feel genuine and confident because confidence is the sexiest thing of all!


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