Condoms: Did you know the reality of these common myths?

Condoms: Did you know the reality of these common myths?
Condoms: Did you know

A lot of misconceptions about condoms exist, which means that many people have misinformation. But you need to think twice before you reach for any old box of condoms on the shelf. Poor sizing or the wrong material could lead to regret down the road. Discover everything you need to know about condoms to find your perfect fit, instead.

Myth: Condoms last forever.

Fact: Condoms have an expiration date, and while each condom can last for several years, you should check your stash just to be sure! Expired condoms may be more prone to breaking than those condoms that aren’t expired.

Myth: Condoms only come in latex.

Fact: A latex allergy doesn’t mean you should have risky sex. In fact, you can purchase Condoms in a variety of materials. You might be familiar with lambskin, which has an efficacy of around 82%. Polyurethane condoms are as about effective as latex condoms, however, but they are a bit less stretchy. A final option is a condom made from polyisoprene, which is becoming more common. This newer condom material feels more like latex than polyurethane, and

If you were wondering, neither version of the female condom is made from latex. The older version is made from polyurethane while the newer model is made from nitrile.

So if your partner is trying to avoid condoms because of a latex allergy, show him or her all the other options on the shelf!

Myth: Your only option is the male Condoms.

Fact: No way! The female condom has existed for years.

Myth: Your penis can be too big for Condoms.

Fact: Nuh uh! A Condoms can stretch over someone’s entire arm (and in some cases head) without breaking. You can blow it up like a balloon. So tell us how a condom won’t fit?

If your condom does feel too snug, you can move up a size, however. But there’s a lot of overlap between average and large condoms. Just make sure the Condoms isn’t so loose that it will easily fall off.

Myth: Condoms only come in one size.

Fact: You can get Smaller and Larger-sized Condoms in addition to average condoms! LifeStyles Snugger Fit is one option if you want a smaller condom or you can also consider the Trojan ENZ. However, the difference in width between the smallest condom and your average condom is between 5 and 10mm while the difference in length between small and average condoms is an average of 15 -25mm.

When it comes to Large Condoms, you have plenty to choose from, too. Sir Richard’s, Trojan, Lifestyles, Atlas and One Condoms all come in larger sizes starting around 200mm long and 54mm wide. The largest condom you’ll find on the market is the 69mm condom by German company My.SIZE. It measures in at 69mm wide and 223mm long, so there are few people who can’t find a condom that fits.

Plus, the female Condom doesn’t have a size limit like the male condom.

For people who are average, there are plenty of options. It’s more important to choose a condom that fits your girth. As long as it’s long enough, you’re fine (you don’t need to unroll a Condom all the way if it’s too long).

Contact us if you need help choosing an appropriate condom.

Myth: Keep condoms in your wallet.

Fact: This is a terrible idea, especially if you sit on your wallet. The heat and stress can degrade your wallet, and the “condom ring” really isn’t sexy. Instead, keep fresh condoms on hand in your nightstand, where they should be cool and dry.

Now that you know more about condoms, it’s time to enjoy some safe sex!


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