Women and Orgasms: Only 1 out of 3 women can orgasm from receiving vaginal penetration alone. You’re not broken.

Woman and orgasms is often a subject of humor in movies, television shows, books and amongst friends. The typical presented scenario being that the man experiences the excitement and pleasure of a full-blown orgasm, while the woman remains disappointed, disillusioned, and frustrated, trying desperately not to show her dissatisfaction. Of course, there is a reason this is subject matter is common in entertainment and even casual conversation with pals. Women appear unsatisfied after vaginal intercourse because, well, many are! Woman’s Day magazine reports, “according to Planned Parenthood statistics…as many as 80 percent of women have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone”. Of course, this doesn’t seem like very uplifting news for men hoping to give their partners orgasms during sex, or for women wishing to achieve them, but there is good news. There may be a simple reason behind this statistic that in turn reveals a way of attaining climax during vaginal intercourse for those who aren’t finding orgasms coming easy (no pun intended)!


Vaginal intercourse and clitoral stimulation

When it comes to the most sensitive spots for sexual gratification, the clitoris wins the prize. Sex expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz tells Buzzfeed, “The clitoris is where all the nerve endings are-except for the cervix-and there are almost none in the barrel of the vagina”. This speaks volumes for the issue concerning the lack of orgasm achieved during vaginal penetration. There simply isn’t a large sense of feeling in the vagina to often accomplish stimulation. Those focusing on rousing the clitoris during vaginal penetration have better chances of achieving orgasm.

The “rule of thumb”

So why are some women able to orgasm through VP while others are left wanting? It is possible those who more easily experience orgasm during regular vaginal penetration may have the advantage called the “rule of thumb”. Kim Wallen, a professor at Emory University tells the LA Times, “Clitoris-vagina distances less than 2.5cm–that’s roughly the distance from the tip of your thumb to your first knuckle– tend to yield reliable orgasms during sex,” meaning if the further the distance between the clitoris and vagina, the more difficult it may be to reach orgasm through vaginal penetration. Those with the many nerve endings in the clitoris close to the vagina, have a much better advantage in finding stimulation.

Based on this information, it is perfectly normal for a woman to find difficulty in achieving orgasms through vaginal penetration alone. There is no need to feel as though there is something sexually wrong if orgasms take a little more than simply an inserted penis. Focusing a more on the clitoris, and other forms sex play you find arousing will certainly help in reaching those seemingly elusive climactic heights!

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