Enticing the senses with the Kink Three Wheel Pinwheel by Pipedream

Product Feature: Kink Three wheel


Looking for a unique type of stimulation?  If you’re wanting a new toy for rousing the senses, the Kink 3 Wheel Pinwheel is an exhilarating compliment to your pleasure-enhancing repertoire. Try different adventures in sensory play with this pinwheels three spiked rollers, which one can control simply by applying the desired amount of pressure while holding the product’s convenient, extra-long handle. With individual wheel tracks specially made to prevent unwanted pinching, the user to completely controls and creates sensations without worrying about unwanted discomfort.

Embrace how your body responds to a different sort sensation as your lover rolls it across your body, exploring every curve, dip, and hill. Test your limits by attempting different forms of pressure, and adventuring into unchartered territory. This is the perfect tool to begin your journey in experiencing the erotic connection between pleasure and pain.  Create a tickling sensation by allowing the wheels to lightly skim across the body, or bring about a touch of deliciously seductive pain simply by applying a bit more force.  This product is perfect for those interested in BDSM, medical fetish, and simply adding an extra bit of spice to the bedroom.

The Kink 3 Wheel appears stylishly sleek with its black-chrome finish and slim design, making it an attractive addition to any collection. For everyday maintenance, a simple soap and water solution is all one needs to keep this item fresh. To avoid any sort of corrosion, ensure to thoroughly dry your pinwheel after each cleaning.

Made by Pipedream, one of the leading creators of adult novelty items based in California, this item is high-quality, and proudly made in the USA.

For further details and questions about this, or any other available items please feel free to contact us!


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