The Top 10 Reasons You Need A New Sex Toy

Top 10 reasons you need a new sex toy

Does your sex life need a spark? When was the last time you purchased a sex toy? If you answered yes to the first question it’s time for a new toy. If you have never purchased a toy or it’s been a while now is the perfect time to shop.  Check out these top 10 reasons you need a new sex toy for some inspiration.


  1. Get over your jitters. A toy is the perfect way to help both of you relax. Introduce any material such as glass, silicone, or natural materials for a night to remember.
  2. Replace the batteries with a charger. Thanks to improvements in the toy industry, you no longer need batteries. You can charge your sex toy at home or pack it in an overnight or checked bag for some fun on the road.
  3. Surprise your partner. Does your partner have their eye on a toy? Add the spark of surprise to the night and buy it for them. Give it them after a long day of work or just because.
  4. Bring your new fantasy to life.  The number of sexual fantasies grows by the day especially after 50 Shades of Gray became main stream. Act out your favorite fantasy with toys of all types. If you are new to a specific type of toy, learn how to use it properly to avoid injury.
  5. Try a new position. No more wishing or wondering what a certain position feels like. Let your toys bring it to life for you.
  6. Add a new level of interest to your long distance relationship. Nobody likes being away from their loved one. Keep the home fires burning with a toy to use while video chatting.
  7. Try a new lube for a twist on the same old thing.
  8. Make it a more personal experience. Toys are not a one size fits all game. Find a personal experience to enjoy yourself with toys you can wear anytime.
  9. Find a multitasking toy to extend the night. There are toys available now that allow you to enjoy them while you do housework. You can even get remote ones to wear in public. Imagine how much work is with one on.
  10. Make orgasming memorable for both of you. If your sex life is suffering from a case of the ordinary blahs, get a new toy. They can help both of you reach a new level of orgasm. Ask him to try a butt plug to really try a new experience.

Are you and your partner getting excited after reading this list? Good! You don’t even have to leave your home. Check us out today to find your new toy before your next date night.


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