Male Chastity- curious?

While you might be familiar with chastity belts that were used to keep women chaste, you might not be familiar with male chastity. It is possible to prevent sexual satisfaction with a barrier, including those that lock, and some people employ this sort of dynamic during their sex activities.

NSFW- photos to follow


Male chastity devices allow a man or his partner to control his erections and prevent him from achieving sexual satisfaction (orgasm) via sex or manual stimulation (masturbation). These devices typically take the appearance of cages, either metal or plastic, that prevent a man from achieving a full erection. Chastity devices should be applied to a flaccid cock.

Other devices seem downright medieval with their inclusion of teeth that will poke and prod a man who becomes erect, combining male chastity with cock torture. Pay attention to the diameter of the device to ensure a comfortable fit, especially if you intend to wear the chastity device long-term.

Many of these devices are equipped a slot through which a lock can be placed, preventing a man from removing the chastity device at all as long as the key remains in someone else’s control. Of course, a man can use a chastity device during his solo time if he desires.

Chastity play is an extreme form of power exchange that isn’t for everyone. But for those who do enjoy this fetish, the tools that we provide allow you to safely prevent a man from becoming erect and getting off until you say it’s acceptable.

Contact us to learn more about male chastity or sex toys and devices intended for use with the penis.


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