The cycles of your sex life: a surprising ride

The cycles of your sex life

Sex is often thought of as a young person’s game, and many people overlook how varied your sex life can be in your lifetime. But you might be surprised to learn the truth about the cycles of your sex when you really look into it.


Sex In Your Twenties

In your twenties, you’re youthful and exuberant. You may go to college or live on your own for the first time, which introduces you to new people and affords you the freedom to enjoy sex like never before. Many people find that they experiment in their twenties, sometimes trying activities such as anal or same-sex activities that they find aren’t really up their alley. Drugs or alcohol may be involved, and many people experience wild behavior in their twenties that tones down later in life.


Sex during this time of life might be selfish, especially when it comes to one-night stands. For women, especially, their twenties is a time of learning to find their voice and discovering their bodies. They may have sex for their partner or to feel wanted. Many women take longer to become sexually assertive and to expect equal treatment during sex. Some women first masturbate and discover how to orgasm in their twenties.

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Sex In Your Thirties

People often get into relationships in their late twenties and thirties, and for some, this may be the first time that they’ve had a single partner or the longest that they’ve spent having sex with people. The plus side is that people become more comfortable with their partners, their bodies, and their sexuality. This enables people to experiment with things that require great trust, including BDSM or fantasies that they’ve been too timid to express to others before.

As relationships progress and new-relationship energy fades, sex might seem to become stale and routine. Real life gets in the way, and people need to make time for sex and explore new things to keep sex exciting and make sure that their sex lives are active. Sex may become a chore for those who are trying to conceive. Some people are unable to compromise, and relationships fall apart, or they cheat.

Many people find a new equilibrium, which may focus on sex less than being partners, taking care of a family and running a household together. Both women and men see a depletion of hormones that factor into sex drive. Menopause is a major player here.

Senior Sex and Beyond


However, couples often see an uptake in their life once kids become more independent and leave home. Retirement can also be a boon for sex life because a couple has more leisure time. But aging bodies can affect sex. Women may not be as libidinous or able to get wet as easily. Osteoporosis, arthritis, heart conditions and limited flexibility and mobility all require lovers to find new ways to connect and orgasm.

Despite this, many seniors remain sexually active, even finding new partners after divorce or even death separates them from previous partners.

Throughout the years, sex waxes and wanes. While this might give people pause at fist, it can be beneficial and allow you to prioritize other activities and ways of expressing intimacy. Of course, this can also help us feel more grateful when we do have (good) sex, and the cycles of your sex life can provide many opportunities to experiment, seek out new partners and learn more about yourself.


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