Compromising Positions: The Travel Sling

Product Feature: Travel Sling

Are you and your partner looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Are you living a 426147very active lifestyle and want to take your sex toys with you? Are you a big fan of bondage or kink? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should try The Travel Sling. This premiere bondage sling allows you and your partner the ability to get into some compromising positions with maximum comfort and neck support.


Not sure if The Travel Sling is right for you?  Here are some great reasons for incorporating this toy into your sexual repertoire. Sex slings in general make sex more enjoyable in that it allows for partners to have greater freedom in the bedroom to try very difficult positions. Even people with disabilities, muscular weakness or arthritis can enjoy The Travel Sling because they can enjoy a wide range of sexual activities without straining joints. No need for hardware and drilling into the walls or ceilings because this bondage device is completely hands-free.

The Travel Sling is made from heavy weight garment and Latigo leathers. The hardware on this device is nickel-plated and has Chrome leads. The stabilizing neck piece is made with the same heavy weight garment with a half-inch of dense foam padding for firm neck support. This bondage toy is a one size fits all so the cuffs, and thigh restraints are fully adjustable, but still ensure a secure fit.

Intrigued and excited? Get yours today by visiting our travel sling product here or by contacting us here.


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