Cycles of Your Sex Life

Let’s be honest with each other, no one’s sex life is perfect. If someone claims to you that theirs is perfect, they’re either lying, or they haven’t yet went through the downswing that everyone eventually goes through. In total, there are three cycles that everyone goes through. One caveat you should keep in mind is that these cycles apply to non-monogamous or uncommitted persons only. No one can speak for the longtime couples because for them, every relationship is different. However, when it comes to those of us who are not in long-term, committed relationships, expect to experience these three cycles, in no particular order.


1. Hot and Heavy

– The hot and heavy cycle is the highlight reel, or the time of abundance. It’s when you are on your game, and possibly have several dates a week. At the very least, you’re experiencing a new partner every couple of weeks. If you’re in the hottest and heaviest phase, you’ve got new partners every few days.

2. Steamy and Steady

– Even though you’re not committed to any one person, there’s a stage where you do find someone you click with. You and that person are generally on the same page about how and when you want to get together. The relationship is constant and fulfilling, but not permanent.

3. Soggy and Sad

– This is your down time. The weeks, or more sadly, months, where you haven’t experienced anything with anyone. Maybe you got a haircut you didn’t like and it crushed your confidence. Maybe you’re recovering from an STI you contracted in the hot and heavy phase. Whatever it is, expect some down time at some point.

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