Her Royal Harness reigns supreme in the bedroom

Product feature: Her royal harness

Ladies, when it comes to the bedroom for you and your partner, it is the kingdom of pleasure and you want her to feel like the queen. You cater to her every need, and 443169would do anything to make her feel good. But what if you could rule together? Her Royal Harness is a product all about mutual ecstasy for you and your partner, and will have you reigning together in no time! So if you’re dying to start your royal duties, here are the details:



What is it?

This is not your average dildo, but a mutual pleasure machine! Finally a dildo that involves both partners, and hasn’t forgotten the ‘top.’ It fits into nearly any harness, and takes your intimacy to a whole other level for both of you. Its ergonomic design is incomparable, and is curved to meet your every need. It hugs perfectly against the body for a snug fit with a full contact base, and its soft silicone contours and ridges will rub both of you just the right way. And with its perfect angle, entry is easy from any position, and is sure to find her G-Spot!

How does it work?

Once you strap this baby into a harness, the tapered shaft makes for easy entry for any (and all!) positions, and you can begin the heightened mutual ecstasy only this product can give. Not only will the extended, soft silicone probe find your partner’s G-Spot, but as you grind them hard, it will also stimulate the clitoris and have you both moaning in no time! This can also be used alone just with your hand or your partners, and still find that perfect spot easily. The possibilities are endless, as will be the pleasure!

Who is it for?

It is designed for women to take their intimacy above and beyond the usual, and both receive simultaneously. It has you in mind, as you search for products to amp up you sexual experiences with your partner!

So treat her like the queen she is the bedroom, but don’t forget yourself. Contact us to get Her Royal Highness today, and any other needs like lube or CalExotics toy cleaner, so you’ll be ready to rule the bedroom together!

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