How to Plan the PERFECT Bachelorette Party

Planning the PERFECT bachelorette party

So you’ve found “The One”, you’ve got a gorgeous ring on your finger to show off, and now you’re ready to bite the bullet and get married. Congratulations! However, before you say “I do” to your perfect partner, make sure to plan and throw the perfect bachelorette party to celebrate your last few days of being single.

Pick a Venue

Ultimately, the choice of where you want to have your bachelorette party is entirely up to you. With that being said, you’re going to want to choose somewhere fun, somewhere that serves alcohol, and somewhere that won’t take issue with you and all of your girlfriends hollering and giggling until closing time. The best choices are favorite bars or even a local strip club (male or female), but wherever you choose to go, don’t forget to take a long your Girl’s Best Friend Diamond Flask to get in a few liquor shots between party stops.

Find The Perfect Outfit

It’s your last night as a free woman, so if you want to wear your tightest dress and highest heels to get a few whistles or winks on your bachelorette night, go for it. Remember to choose outfits that are comfortable and low-risk for wardrobe malfunctions, and be sure to carry a pair of flats in your purse for later in the evening when the heels just have to come off. Don’t forget to accessorize, and remember that no bachelorette party is complete without some light public embarrassment, so be sure to let everyone in the room know you’re the bride-to-be with the Pecker Party Crown, complete with adorable little purple peckers.


Bring Games and Favors

Depending on the general theme of your big night, there are loads of cute, funny, and cheeky games and favors that you can bring along to enjoy with your girls. A party just isn’t a party without some hilarious games to play, so take a few shots of liquid courage and roll your way into seducing a stranger with a lame pickup line with the Bride-To-Be Where is He? Dice Game. If you’re still feeling ballsy after that, try your hand at the 10 Bachelorette Challenges booklet, complete with 10 challenges that must be completed before you can become a member of the Married Women’s Association. Don’t forget to task one of your bridesmaids with making you and your guests a phallic-shaped cake with the Giant Silicone Willie Mold, and be sure to tell her to get as creative and detailed with the decorating process as she sees fit. 441759

Be Safe 

By all means, go wild on your last big night out as a single woman, but remember to be safe and to be smart. It’s ok to accept drinks from strangers who wish to purchase you one for celebrating, but be sure to only accept the drinks from servers or bartenders, not the guests themselves. Plan to have a designated driver on standby to get everyone home, or make sure that everyone has the funds to split taxis or an Uber.

441645If you have any questions about how to throw the best bachelorette party on the planet, or if you need some recommendations for favors, decorations, and games, feel free to contact us!


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