Product Feature: System Jo Sensual Body Spray for Women

Product Feature: System Jo Sensual Body Spray for Women

It’s no secret that pheromones play a significant role in the attraction men and women have for one another. People are subconsciously sending and receiving these subtle scents every single day. It can mean the difference between that initial attraction and that immediate turn-off.


Pheromone Spray

               To increase your chances of finding success in the love department, you can try a pheromone spray like System Jo Body Spray for Women. This spray is specially formulated and designed to give off the scent which will trigger a dynamic pleasurable response to whomever you come across. Not only does it give off an emotional response, but it gives off a physical one. It’s enough to get the juices flowing, if you know what I mean.







No Risk

               The System Jo Body Spray for Women poses absolutely no physical risk to you as far as chemicals and things of that nature. That’s because all it is doing is enhancing your natural pheromones and projecting them to the people you are near. It makes the attraction stronger and more intense. You may, however, find yourself with more attention but that’s not always a bad thing!

When to Use it

               There are lots of great times to use the pheromone spray. First, is right before going out on the town with your friends. At the club or the party, you’ll have your pick of who to dance with, talk to, or hook up with. Right before a date is another fantastic use for the System Jo Body Spray because your guy will be turned on right away and you’ll be able to kick things up a notch. Finally, consider using it at home right before you hop into bed with your boyfriend or spouse. It will get things going much faster, and you’ll have a wonderful time basking in it all!

For more uses of the System Jo Body Spray for Women, or to see our other toys and items for spicing things up in the bedroom, be sure to contact us.

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