How Porn Can Be Healthy in a Relationship

How porn can be healthy in a relationship

If you think pornography causes nothing but trouble in relationships, do think again. Many happy couples find that watching selected skin flicks together is a delightful –and thoroughly erotic– experience.

Despite spurious claims by some that pornography wrecks relationships, oodles of monogamous couples enjoy fantasy driven lovemaking inspired by erotic images. For some couples, searching for porn categories that turn them both on is part of the thrill.


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Get your man’s motor running with these ten tips (Foreplay techniques for him)

Foreplay techniques for him

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom?

Maybe you want to offer your man a surprise he wasn’t expecting, or reignite some of the passion that may have slipped out while you weren’t looking.

Whatever the reason you have for grabbing your man’s gaze, here are ten ideas that will have him standing at attention!


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Explore Your Shades of Passion with the Sinful – Soft Spreader Bar

Product highlight: spreader bar

A spreader bar is a product one may not have heard much, if anything, about until the recent release of a certain erotic series exploring the world of bondage. With the gathering interest into the many layers of eroticism, it’s natural to want to know a little


about some of the products out there that will add an exciting degree of kink in the bedroom. The spreader bar is assuredly an item that will give both partners a thrill, as it plays upon one’s feelings of trust, suspense, pleasure, and control from a stimulating position.

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Why it’s not the size that matters: Sex tips for the small penis

Sex tips for the small penis

There is a poor stigma associated with those possessing a less than giant penis size. Shows depict girlfriends asking one another how big their boyfriend’s tool is, or show men casually attempting to check out the penis of the man next to him at the urinal. There was an entire Sex and the City episode devoted to one main character’s struggle over the man she loves having too small a penis for her liking. Let’s face it, some people believe size matters most; however, this truly isn’t the case. Men can pleasure women regardless of their penis size. When it comes to great sex, or even generating an orgasm, size doesn’t matter.


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Can you learn to be passionate about someone if there’s no chemistry at first? Absolutely!

Can you learn to be passionate about someone if there’s no chemistry at first?

So you’ve met a great guy or an awesome lady. You have common interests and friends. It’s all pleasant enough, but there’s just no excitement. Can you learn to be passionate about someone if there’s no chemistry at first?


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