5 ways to Enhance Your Sex Life After 50

5 ways to make your sex life even better after 50

For many, 50 is just the beginning. You don’t have to have boring sex just because of your age, and there are some fun ways to enhance your sex life, so hold on and get ready!


Embrace the Swing Lifestyle

The swing lifestyle is active across the globe, and many couples choose to get started after the age of 50. It’s a chance to have sex for recreation, and change partners from time to time, too.

Invest in Sex Furniture

Sex furniture is a great way to try out some new positions. If flexibility is an issue these days, some furniture will make it easier to lift up your hips or get in a thrust at a more challenging angle.

Break out the Porn

There’s nothing wrong with porn, and it is available if you’re playing solo or as a couple. Watch it to get things going – and there’s a video for every fetish. You might find that you’re more interested in one category over another, so bookmark it and make it your go-to mojo.

Ask for a Prescription

A prescription might be what’s needed to get things up. There are medications for men and women alike to address medical issues such as low libido and erectile dysfunction. Make an appointment with a doctor to find out if getting a pill will be what’s needed to give your sex life a boost.

Try Some Games

There are all sorts of sex games on the market. Buy a few of them to see how you can get things going. It might be a way to break the ice with your partner and even try a couple new things.




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