Explore Your Shades of Passion with the Sinful – Soft Spreader Bar

Product highlight: spreader bar

A spreader bar is a product one may not have heard much, if anything, about until the recent release of a certain erotic series exploring the world of bondage. With the gathering interest into the many layers of eroticism, it’s natural to want to know a little


about some of the products out there that will add an exciting degree of kink in the bedroom. The spreader bar is assuredly an item that will give both partners a thrill, as it plays upon one’s feelings of trust, suspense, pleasure, and control from a stimulating position.

There are different kinds of spreader bars available, typically made of wood or metal. Some people actually make their own versions using things like shower or closet rods. Spreader bars are used with some form of tie, such as rope, stockings, cable ties and the like.


The chosen partner’s wrists are tied to opposite sides of the bar, which spreads their arms away from their body, leaving them unable to touch, or push away their mate during use. These bars are used for the wrists, as well as for the ankles, spreading one’s legs apart so they are unable to close them of their own free will. Our popular Sinful – Soft Spreader Bar Featuring strong Velcro wrists and ankle cuffs with neoprene padding and an attractive vinyl finish. Safe, durable and easy to use, Sinful’s Soft Spreader Bar is top-of-the-line gear for BDSM beginners and enthusiasts alike. With both wrists and ankles secured, the bound party is completely at the mercy of their mate, which is both a sensual and exciting experience.

The use of a spreader bar allows sexual cohorts explore their boundaries, allowing one person to exercise a position of power during the experience by giving pleasure, taking it away, maybe even exercising light punishments if inclined. Those bound to the bar will relish feeling completely exposed, and vulnerable while teased, gratified, yet unable to reciprocate, deny, or control the situation in any way. It is always recommended to discuss what one’s sexual limits, and boundaries are before entering into such acts requiring trust, and defenselessness. Whether one is in control, or the one being controlled, a spreader bar guarantees to bring out various shades of pleasure in both parties!


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