Get your man’s motor running with these ten tips (Foreplay techniques for him)

Foreplay techniques for him

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom?

Maybe you want to offer your man a surprise he wasn’t expecting, or reignite some of the passion that may have slipped out while you weren’t looking.

Whatever the reason you have for grabbing your man’s gaze, here are ten ideas that will have him standing at attention!


 Don’t let us see it coming

The surprise generally consists of catching him off guard with sexual advances. Don’t make an appointment for sex, keep it spontaneous, and maybe at a time when he isn’t expecting it. The thought of getting some, when we didn’t know we were, is foreplay to us… the surprise gives us that wow! factor that makes us say “Alright, Let’s do this!” and makes us feel wanted. That feeling of being desired turns the heat up for your man, and surprise sex says I want you right now, not every other Tuesday night.

Set the mood

No, we’re not talking rose petals on the floor or Michael Bolton playing softly in the background, but us guys do like buildup and anticipation the same way that you ladies do. Consider what your man is into.  Most of us are sense-based creatures. We like audible feedback, so don’t stay quiet, but don’t go over the top, too, unless you know that’s what he likes. We’ll know it’s fake if it sounds that way. And keep the lights on. We want to see you move. We want to see the expressions on your face. And we want to see you. Sex in the dark is great, but it’s also commonplace and rather run-of-the-mill. If porn is an option for you, have some playing quietly in the background. You being into it is a turn on as well, but don’t let it be a feature; have it more like ambient noise.

Men like to unwrap gifts

Yes, there’s a pretty good chance that we already know what the present looks like… but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to take the wrapping paper off. Dress for the occasion, so to speak, but pay attention to what your man likes. Some of us want that teddy, sexy underwear, or bustier and G-string combo… others prefer the silky chemise that slides off your shoulders and provides easy access to the goods. It doesn’t have to come off, at least not all the way.  But if you’re serving us a feast, presentation is everything. Restaurants don’t put parsley on your plate for no reason.

 Mouths are for more than talking

It’s becoming more prevalent, but there are still plenty of you out there that just don’t seem to realize the kind of power your mouth has. Or how much we like it. Kisses, licks, and nibbles will drive your man crazy. The neck, collarbone, chest and stomach are erogenous zones for us guys. Slow, but deliberate, attention to these areas will get our blood pumping to all of the right places. And oral isn’t just for birthday presents. If you aren’t comfortable or confident in your oral skills, there are plenty of educational videos available on the internet. If you live in the right cities, there are even classes that offer techniques and how-to’s to make your blowjob skills amazing. Start with your hand, stroking us while your face is near our manhood. That really amps up the anticipation of what’s about to happen. Begin by stretching out your tongue and offering licks along the bottom of the shaft from about midway up until the tip. Do it like you’re licking an ice cream cone. If you do this while stroking, it’s even better for us. Cover your teeth with your lips, curling the edges back across them and using your tongue to press against the bottom of our shaft, allowing the top to slide along the roof of your mouth. A little sloppy with saliva is okay, but don’t let it be too much. A general rule is if you couldn’t slurp it all back up at once, there’s too much there.  Move your head at a constant pace, but change that pace a little. You can adjust to go faster or slower at times, but keep it even. If you can relax your throat a little, take him in as deep as you can from time to time. Don’t stay down so long you gag, and don’t forget to breathe. Using your hands to stroke provides an intermission for you and keeps the pleasure going for us. And should taste be an issue for you, there are products commercially available to compensate for that.

 Balls aren’t just for decoration

Keeping up with the oral mentioned above, our testicles need a little love, too. Suck and lick with a small amount of pressure, and use his reaction to gauge how much pressure you should be using. Using your hand to bring them closer to the shaft during oral and sex will keep us harder for you, and feels great for us. This doesn’t need to be a constant thing, but going back and forth with playing with the jewels will increase pleasure for both of you in the long run.

 Speaking of hands…

Use them. Touch us. Everywhere. Fingernails with just a bit of pressure will really excite your guy. Too much, and your skinning him, not enticing him. But use just enough to make sure he feels it. Your fingertips work for this as well. Somewhere between lightly and firmly, touch your man in all kinds of places. Rake down his back and arms, and up his thighs. Trace his shoulders and collarbone, and feel his chest and stomach. Taking the time to do this makes him feel as though there’s nothing else that matters… other than this time with him. He feels wanted and appreciated, and that results in nothing but more excitation.

Take Charge

Give him the time of his life by giving him the time of his life, not the other way around. In most cases, the guy does a lot of work during sex, even if it’s lousy sex. He holds himself up, he repetitively thrusts, and if he’s more of an active fellow in bed, he moves you around a little… or a lot. Take that away from him. During lovemaking, have him be the one laying on his back. If it’s possible, you could take something lying around the house like a scarf, sheet, tie, or even a towel, and tie his hands together. This could be to the bed or just above his head in general. It takes the control out of his hands, so to speak, and gives it to you. It also makes him wonder “what’s she got in store for me?” building more anticipation. In doing so, you have free rein to take your time with him, something he may not be prone to letting happen, or used to.

Get a feel for yourself

You know that thing you do when you actually get that ten minute bath alone? Let him watch you do the same thing in bed. Using just your hands or incorporating some toys, let him see you enjoying yourself. You can do it exactly how you would if you were all alone, the more you like it, the more he will, too. The only difference is, he’ll be watching. If you can position yourself so that he can see you doing this while you’re giving him head, the payoff will be fantastic, and the length of the blowjob will probably shorten dramatically. If you’re allowing him to touch himself, that’s fine. He’s getting to see something he knows happens, but that he’s never a part of. A sense of breaking a taboo fills him, and that will really get him aroused. We all know that you can get off multiple times, so go ahead and finish the job, even if it means that you have to take attention off of him for a few. Really, he won’t mind.

Ever ridden a horse?

Get on top, and they don’t call it cowgirl position for no reason. Yes, it’s a bit of a workout for you, but there are a lot of benefits. For him, he gets to lie back while you do all the work, and watch you do it. For you, there’s even more. You get to control pace and rhythm for one.  That means you get to enjoy it. You also get to control how deep he goes and at what angle, so not only do you enjoy it, but you enjoy it a lot. Use his member like a toy. Be selfish. Movements are similar to riding a horse; you’ll slide up and down, but also somewhat grind on his pelvis back and forth. Mind the length of his shaft, because constantly reinserting him will begin to be a drag for both of you. You can perch atop him, crouching down, or sit on him with your knees bent, straddling him on either side. You can also face either way. To make it the most for him, do both. Ride him facing one direction for a while, and then switch to the other. For bonus points, in between changing which direction you face, take him into your mouth for a few to really get him going.

A strong finish

Let’s face it, when a guy finishes, it’s rarely a mess free ordeal. That’s just part of sex. Something, somewhere, is going to have to get cleaned, even when you use a condom. So why not take this time to make it a little special for him? That’s why you’re reading this article, isn’t it? Outside of you onto his belly, or inside of you is always an option. There’s nothing wrong with it going in your mouth, either… you have the choice of spitting it out, or swallowing. Most of us prefer one or the other, but we really don’t care. You can let him finish on you, too. Your chest is always a great place to let him plant some seed, without having to worry about it getting in your hair. One thing is for sure, when he does let go of his load, let him know you like it. Really, really like it.

All of the tips you’ve read here in this article can be employed separately, but if you really want a night that you will both remember, use all of them. They can be interwoven to create an experience your man won’t soon forget. And in the long run, he’ll want to return the favor. When that time comes, be sure to be vocal and leading. Let him know how to touch you. We know these tips work; they’re time-proven methods. Give them a chance, and light his world up… and get his motor running so fast he’ll refrain from telling people you’ve turned into a sex goddess, because he won’t want to share.

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