5 Sensual Anal Sex Positions to Try for Anal August

It’s Anal August, and we’re all learning more about anal sex this month. I seriously thought there was only one position for anal sex: bent over. I had to have my coworkers give me the anal talk…. I’m sure other couples would like to know: is there more than one anal position? Yes…there are actually many!


  1. Good Ol’ Anal Doggy Style: This is probably the most well-known anal sex position. In this position, one person crouches on all fours while the penetrator either stands or kneels behind. There’s a reason it’s an old standby. For women, this position puts the anal and vaginal canals close together, maximizing the chance of hitting the g-spot.
  2. Cowboy: In this position, a man (or lady with a strap-on!) lies face-up on the bed. His partner then lowers themselves onto his cock. This position is great for newbies because it allows the one being penetrated to control the speed of penetration. Try having the rider around for Reverse Cowboy.
  3. Missionary: It might seem surprising at first, but missionary is a great position for anal sex. One partner lies face-up while the penetrator lies down on top, facing his partner. Some gay men swear this is the best position for prostate stimulation. For a variation, the man can pull his partner’s legs up on his shoulders for deeper penetration.
  4. Side Spoon: Both partners lie on their sides as if spooning. This position requires minimal effort from both partners but still feels great, so it’s a good one if you’re feeling tired but still horny.
  5. Lotus: The penetrator sits down, legs either crossed or stretched out. The partner then sits on top and wraps their legs around the other person. This is a highly intimate position because it involves face-to-face contact and leaves your hands free to explore each other’s bodies.

Remember to take it slow, listen to each other’s body, and don’t forget lube. Want more information on anal sex positions and tips? Contact us!


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