Firefly Will Give You Something to Glow About

Sex is a fun and unique experience, and with so many exciting toys on the market, you have endless options! NS Novelties has released an illuminating product perfect for lighting up any sexual experience. The soft and comfortable-to-use Firefly anal plug is tapered and created for easy receiving. The specialty plugs are available in three bright colors and three graduating sizes for training and variation in your needs! Not only are the plugs safe and made of odorless TPE, any kind of lubricant will work with them. The Firefly plugs are bright, and they glow in the dark! The tapered end is received into the body for a sensual and exciting experience, while the external end includes a suction cup. Each Firefly plug is available individually, or as a set.


Firefly anal plugs sound spectacular, but are they for you? Anal play is one of the least talked about sexual acts, but one of the most pleasurable! With Firefly anal plugs, even a beginner at anal play can have fun. The plugs are available in three sizes: beginner, small, and medium. Which one is best for you? Try all three! The plugs come in individually or in a training pack with all three sizes. The tapered shape fits the anal tract and creates pleasurable sensations by engaging the sphincter muscles, and is a stimulating asset for both men and women!

Anal stimulation can enhance sex for anyone of any gender and any experience level. Using the NS Novelties Firefly plugs alone or with others will create an unforgettable experience you will glow about even after sex is over! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you choose the brightest toys for your next sensation!


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