Natural Wonders And Sex Drive: Are You Hornier During The Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses are ‘kind of a big deal,’ cooler than they seemed in your 7th-grade science textbook. People travel to the area of totality, or where they will experience the entire view from an ideal position in the northern hemisphere. When the eclipse begins, it’s called “contact” with the sun and a countdown ensues. Slowly, the moon will traipse over the glowing orb; and, what is more sensual and anticipatory than counting down to earth-shattering moments?


The solar eclipse builds our expectations and adrenaline, just like New Year’s Eve. Those of us with sensitive biorhythms and circadian rhythms will perceive the slightest differences in nature. New Year’s Eve is something we’re socialized into celebrating with kisses and costumes. Otherwise, it is just another night!

So, what’s a boy do to with all his charged nerves? Do solar eclipses tap into our primitive instincts and make us even hornier than usual?

According to a Romper post here, there’s reason for believing that social eclipses get us… randy. Romper interviewed Dr. Carol Queen, a sexologist who described why the phenomenon makes us frisky. Queen said, “‘It’s likely linked to the extreme rarity and amazing spectacle of the eclipse — sort of like a cosmic vacation where everything is completely different for a brief time.”‘ In other words, the solar eclipse breaks our routine, making us feel brave, get thirsty, and take risks.

Queen further disclosed to Romper, “‘It’s not at all unusual for out-of-the-ordinary events to make some people feel extra-sexual, or want to commemorate such a one-off experience with sex.”‘ When people ask you, “Where were you during the 2017 solar eclipse?” Don’t you want to know that you got sassy and had some out-of-this-world sex?

Let the countdown for getting down begin!

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