So you want to show off your dick? Here’s where you can (and can’t) online

So you want to show off your dick: here’s where you can (and can’t) online

There are rules when it comes to sending out dick pics, especially of the unsolicited variety. The good news is that if you’re into exhibitionism, there are social media platforms that allow you to share your member. By following the rules for the platform, you can get your dick the attention it deserves without your account being closed down in the process.



Facebook has a lot of restrictions for nudity. If one person reports your pic as inappropriate, you could end up in Facebook jail. It’s best to allude to the fact that you’re showing off your dick. Otherwise, you can send a pic through a private message, but only if the other person wants to see it. Check out the terms.


Many of the same rules exist with Instagram when it comes to dick picks. Be sure that you hide the tip or send it through privately.


If you go into the settings and set your account to 18+, you can share as many dick pics as you want. Check out more rules here.


As long as your followers are cool with it, have fun. You can even find filters to make your dick look livelier before you send it off. The community rules are here.


There are two things on Tumblr: cats and porn. Your dick pics are welcome here. In fact, you could create an entire page dedicated to different photos of your member. Here are the rules.


This social media platform is designed for those who have a fetish and want to meet others who have the same inclinations. Your photos can be as provocative as you want.

Live Chat Groups

If you’re in a live chat group, such as through your instant messenger, go ahead and throw out a pic of your dick. Just be sure that everyone in the group wants to see it.

There you have it. You now have a guide to where you can and can’t show off your dick. Remember that social media policies change all the time, so do your research to learn of the current rules. Start taking selfies of your favorite body part now!


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