Solar and lunar eclipses and your sexual astrology

Solar and lunar eclipses- sexual astrology

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, solar and lunar eclipses definitely have an influence on your sex life. With two eclipses this month, it’s important to know what effects they’ll have on you.

Here are a few of the effects that this eclipse will have on your sex life.


1. Stirring up of emotions

According to NASA, an eclipse happens when one heavenly body moves into the shadow of another. So for the solar eclipse happening on August 21, the moon will move between the sun and the earth. According to different horoscope websites, this movement will trigger a resettlement of emotions among the signs. The full moon of the past lunar eclipse also could have triggered these unsettling feelings.


2. Increase in Sex Drive

Many people believe the moon to have profound effects on their sex lives. According to ThoughtCo., The full moon, as it was during the lunar eclipse on August 7, has profound effects on sexual passion and fertility, so babies conceived during a full moon are more likely to be born on a full moon as well. According to the Moon School, the eclipse could make you more social, flirtatious and sexually confident.

3. Questioning of Commitments

During an eclipse, you might find yourself questioning different commitments to people. According to, avoiding the effects of the eclipse is impossible and embracing them is the best possible way to move forward. This questioning of commitment could be linked to an increase in creativity during a movement of heavenly bodies. According to MoonSong, women especially might feel more independent and inwardly focused.

There are probably other effects that the eclipse will have that are unique to you. If you want to better your sex life and relationships during this eclipse, contact us.


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