Breaching the Back Door – Trying Anal for the first time. What to expect?

Trying Anal for the first time. What to expect?

Anal Play


Trying anal for the first time is a lot like “the first time” all over again. A mix of adrenaline and nervousness for what is coming can actually make the act extremely unpleasant… but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, one of the best kept bedroom secrets is how much couples enjoy anal penetration.

Knocking on her door… Whether it was discussed before the night had even begun, or you are simply playing off each other’s intentions during play time, if you want to know what it is like to try anal, then first thing is first: Relax. Allow your partner to gently explore you with their mouth and fingers. The moment you start to feel yourself tense, take a deep calming breath, relax your body, and focus on the pleasure. There is no time limit (thank goodness) and if you have an eager partner ready to speed things up, gently remind him to “stay there, right there” for a little while longer.

After your whole body is primed and you are relaxed and ready for deeper penetration grab the lube. Silicone lubricant is preferable for anal play to protect delicate tissue and give you the most pleasure. For an even easier sensual experience purchase the lubricants specifically made for anal play.

From the very beginning, slow and steady is the way to play the game. With every inch you take remember to keep your body relaxed and breath deeply. There will be some pressure for the first few inches… Go slow. If there is any stabbing pain tell your partner to stop while the body adjusts. After those first few inches, welcome to one of the best orgasms you will ever experience.

Anal play takes time and trust to make it safe and pleasurable. If you don’t have those two things with a partner, then you may want to try a solo act. You can use the anal toys found here for fun and training.


Knocking on his door… The male G Spot is his prostate gland, located inside the rectum. This is no secret. However, if both partners are up for some different strokes, this role reversal can be extraordinarily fun.

Start with something he loves. Your mouth around his shaft. Glide your tongue from the head of his penis to the boys below, spend a little time there, and move on to the perineum or the taint, gooch, whatever term your comfortable with…. It’s that area between the testicles and his anus, and it’s highly sensitive. Not to mention the anus is as well. Some men will need a little coaxing, tell him to relax while you lick and suck that area too. Gently, as if you were working on yourself, massage all around the anus with the flat of your fingers.

Lubricant will be helpful now if you feel he is ready for more. Fingers are fine, but toys can be so much fun in the bedroom. Anal beads, plugs, and strap-ons are all ways to spice up the night with consenting couples. Tip: If the toys are silicone do not use a silicone based lubricant. Instead, use a high quality water based lubricant.

The human body has the same demands on men as it does in women; therefore it is imperative to keep communication open. So remember to go very slow with whatever you choose. Anal beads tend to be more pleasurable upon each exit, and plugs can be left in while other escapades continue. Strap-ons can be an empowering tool for the woman-in-charge, by setting a slow and sensual pace or more domineering, if everyone is having a good time it can be very pleasurable and fulfilling. Don’t forget to continue to stroke his member with your hands. He’ll really like you taking care of both ends of business.

In the end…

Anal play is about communication and trust. It can be one of the most intense orgasms you’ll ever reach. But to get there you must go slow and remember to breathe. And have fun!


Questions, comments, or concerns? As always, feel free to contact us!


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