Can You Believe It? I’m 52 and have never been to a sex store!

I’m 52 and have never been to a sex store

No matter your age, now is a perfect time to visit a sex store for the first time. Whether you find your perfect toy during this first adventure, you’re bound to learn something about sex toys and discover something about yourself!


They’re Not What They Used to Be

Dark. Dirty. Dingey. Sex toy stores used to be places where you’d pray you wouldn’t run into someone you know. Once inside, your skin might crawl, and employees were sometimes sleazy. No wonder it felt shameful to enter them!

You needn’t feel that way anymore because modern sex stores are spacious, brightly-lit and colorful spaces where you’ll find toys and lingerie for every occasion — plus knowledgeable employees! You can shop online without changing from your PJs, but today’s sex toy stores and warm and inviting and offer a chance to get your hands on items to see if they’ll fit your needs.

There’s A Lot of Stuff

Sex stores sell a lot of products — a lot. You’ll find vibrators, dildos, masturbators, lube, massage products, lingerie, porn, handcuffs, books and party supplies, among other items too numerous to name. It can feel a little overwhelming if you’ve never been to a sex store before.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look at it all or even purchase anything. Take your time so you can make sure you’re getting the right product for you. Look for signs advertising the type of toys you want.

There’s Usually More Online

Online sex stores can sell thousands of products, but physical stores can only house so much product. You’ll find the most popular products in store, but a few products may only be available online. Employees may be able to point you in the right direction in store, or they may recommend something on the website.


There’s Something for Every Budget

Luxury vibrators and dildos can cost hundreds of dollars — and may even be locked up. But you don’t have to spend that much. You’ll find quality items for as little as $20 and rechargeable toys for well under $100.

Don’t assume that the more expensive item will be what you want or that the cheaper item will do everything you want it to.

You Can Ask Questions

And you should! Sex store employees are trained to know about materials, lube, and sex toy safety, just to name a few topics. They’ve also tried many of the items so they can give helpful tips, and they’re informed about even the products they haven’t tried.

Not sure what you’d like? They’re there to help! They can provide answers based on other customers’ experiences and direct you toward toys with a little input about your own preferences.

Handling Products is Smart

Touching products means you can feel if lace is soft or scratchy, if a dildo is firm or soft, whether a vibrator is deep or buzzy and more. Many stores have display models, but you might be able to ask an employee to see a product closeup if there isn’t a display.

You May Be Able to Rent Movies

Many sex stores offer DVD rental like your favorite movie rental place — only with adult products! You’ll see a wall of covers to choose from. Ask about the release schedule so you’ll know when you can find new DVDs.

Some Stores Allow Private Viewing

Some sex stores have private viewing booths where you can watch porn at your convenience.

There May be Classes

Ask if your sex store has a calendar of classes. They might offer instruction for giving a lap dance, using BDSM gear, navigating open relationships, giving blowjobs or having an orgasm for the very first time!

It Can Be Fun

Want to know about products that can help? Contact us!

Visiting a sex store with your friends can be a fun way to spend an evening. Or picking out a toy with your lover can be a kind of sexy foreplay that gets the juices flowing before you even take off your clothes. Decide what you want from your visit and go for it!

So what if you’re 52 (or 62 or 72!) and have never been to a sex store? There’s no time like the present to change that!

Contact us for hours and locations.


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