Does Bad sex mean throw in the towel? How to clean up the bad sex mess



Sex is bad with my partner. Are we doomed as a couple?


Short answer, maybe. But here’s why. There could be any number of reasons as to why the sex is bad. Any number. To start dwindling down that number, it’s time for a talk. First, you’ll have to get ready for it. Are there things going on in the bedroom that you don’t like? Are there things missing? And don’t be general and just say orgasms. What kinds of things are you into? Have you explored any fetishes? Light t bondage? Toys? Voyeurism or exhibitionism? There are multiple things that you could be into that really get the juices flowing. Consider these. Watch some porn featuring the topics you come up with. Read. Explore yourself. Together.

Communication is a big part of sex when you’re in a relationship. Find out what you both would like to see happen. Find out what works for the two of you together. Sex in a relationship is also give and take. Some nights, it’s about you, some nights it’s about them, and some nights, it’s about both of you. It gives the sex variety without having to change partners or venture too far outside of your comfort zone.

At the beginning, I answered maybe. The only way the answer isn’t a resounding No, your relationship isn’t doomed, is if you aren’t willing to talk about it. It’s best to have the first conversation or few about exploration outside of the actual act. Two people working together to find out what they like can only lead to great memories and wonderful experiences. Take time. Talk. Explore. Feel out things you had never considered. If something doesn’t work for you as a couple, laugh it off and move on to the next thing. Sex is a big part of your relationship, but it’s not the only part. This may just be one of those things that you, as a couple, need to work at. Enjoy the exploration!

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