Foreplay Techniques For Him That He Will Fantasize About Later…


While everyone has specific things that turn them on, trying something new is a learning experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re having sex for the first time, or you’re looking to switch things up in the bedroom, these top four foreplay techniques for him will have him begging for more.

  1. First, don’t ever forget about his testicles. Whether you are lightly teasing him or warming things up with oral sex, don’t ignore the boys! Lightly massage or tug on his testicles for an added sensation, and turn on.
  2. Try showing him how it’s done! And by that, we mean see how he likes watching you pleasure yourself. While this may be out of some people’s comfort zone, looking but not being able to touch is a great way to get him fired up.
  3. Make lube an event, not a necessity. Rather than slapping it on and putting it in, make lube application a sensual experience that only works to enhance foreplay. Take extra time covering his penis with it, and have him put some inside you with his hand as well.
  4. Take control of the whole show. This is perfect for men who are used to being in control of the sexual encounter; switching things up can be exactly what he needs for a mind-blowing sexual experience. Try straddling him, telling him what you want him to do, or even tying him up!

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