Hot tips for taking the sexiest nude selfies…


With the advent of Snapchat, the popularity of nude selfies has skyrocketed. If you want to give your partner a sexy surprise in their inbox, check out our 7 hottest tips for taking the sexiest nude selfies.

  1. Master the art of the #belfie. A hashtag popularized by celebrities like Jen Selter and Kim Kardashian, a belfie is a selfie for your butt. To take a flattering belfie, try squatting while aiming your camera up toward your butt. This will emphasize the round shape of your perky cheeks.
  2. Get the lighting right. Lighting can make or break a nude selfie. Almost no one looks good in the harsh fluorescent lighting of many bathrooms, but try turning off the overhead lights while turning on some floor lamps. Soft light will smooth out any imperfections and allow the viewer to focus on your soft curves. Filters can also add a flattering effect; try black and white for a classic pinup look.
  3. Leave something to the imagination. Try sending an almost-nude selfie. Sensually drape a finger over your nipples, or cup your private parts in your hand for an R-rated selfie that will tantalize your partner and leave them wanting more. This one is especially good for those who want to send a sexy pic but aren’t yet ready to bare it all.
  4. Top-down. If you take your nude selfie from above, it has the effect of slimming all the right parts of you while giving your partner a fantastic view. Take a top-down nude selfie of your front half by standing up and holding your camera near your face while aiming downward.
  5. Dick pic/twat shot. Dick pics sometimes get a bad rap from men sending unsolicited pics, but many people love seeing dirty pics of your private parts. If your partner is a dick pic/twat shot enthusiast, try laying down on your bed and snapping a pic while resting your phone on your chest. For added effect, photograph yourself playing with a sex toy like a dildo or a cock ring for a not-so-subtle hint of what’s on your mind.
  6. Mirror selfie. Mirror nude selfies can be a great way to showcase your whole body without the contortion required for some selfie techniques, but be careful your messy bathroom doesn’t distract from showing off your bangin’ body!
  7. Selfie stick. Selfie sticks often evoke images of tourists on vacation but there’s a reason they’re so popular. These devices allow you to take a flattering shot from further away than your arm can reach, giving your partner a full view.

Nude selfies can be a fun, sexy way to titillate your partner when you’re not in the same place. Just make sure you’re sending them to someone you trust not to distribute them. As always, contact us for more tips or to tell us how much your partner loved the nude selfie. Happy Snapping!

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