Four reasons your sex life changes in your 30’s


No matter what the situation, sex has an impact on people’s lives. It’s a way of being close with, or showing love towards someone you truly care about, it can be an outlet for blowing off steam, it can start a family, or begin a new adventure in a series of experiences. No matter what, sex plays an impressive role in a person’s life. While in the teen years and twenties, sex is primarily a means for pleasure, reckless abandon, and young love, once a person reaches their thirties, one’s sex life begins to change in a variety of ways.

1. Many single thirty-somethings are likely looking to settle down

Most people in their thirties begin to think about settling down; especially women if they aren’t already in a committed relationship. People are far less interested in meaningless sex, or random hook ups, because this type of connection doesn’t often lead to a relationship. A person wanting to be taken seriously as a potential long-term partner will not want a reputation for sleeping around any longer. In addition, many people in their thirties tend to desire more of a mental connection leading into a physical one.

2. Having children will put a damper on the sex life

These days many people begin having children in their thirties. Those who have children already know that the sex life does not take precedence over child rearing. Raising a baby is an exhausting venture, and a journey where the alone time is significantly less. It isn’t very sexy having a crying child in the next room while attempting intimacy with one’s partner, and exhaustion is definitely not something that leaves one craving sexual activity.

3. Pregnancy can work for you or against you

As many people these days have children in their thirties, it’s important to mention that pregnancy causes a significant effect on the sex life. This can be an incredible thing, or the worst thing for one’s sex life. Pre-pregnancy, people will likely increase sexual encounters in attempt to become pregnant. Obviously, the more sex one has, the better chance they will have at becoming pregnant. That aside, after pregnancy occurs there is a good possibility that sex will not vanish into oblivion! Many women feel significantly more interested in sex while pregnant. They feel confident in their new bodies, rejoice in their growing breasts, are easily stimulated, and the raging hormones are working in everyone’s favor. A lot of couples see a huge spike in the sex life during pregnancy!

The other side of the coin isn’t so positive when it comes to sex during pregnancy. There are also many women who have absolutely no desire to have sex while they are pregnant. They feel ill, lack confidence in their changing bodies, and simply are in no mood to be intimate. Others may experience discomfort or pain during sex due to bodily changes; therefore sex is just not in the cards for a while.

4. People in their thirties are typically more confident, and open to new experiences

Many people in their thirties feel more experienced, and comfortable in their position as a sexual partner; therefore people in their thirties are more inclined to try new positions, toys, and role play. Spicing up the sex life is important in every relationship, whether you are with your partner a few months, or several years. If the excitement in the bedroom begins dying down due to everyday life responsibilities, one way to keep the zest in a relationship is to experiment with the person you trust, and feel at ease with. Thanks to the surge in erotic interest these past few years, many are doing just that!

Sex lives go through a variety of changes, and molds into each person’s lifestyle as necessary. While there are some new barriers, and considerations once a person reaches their thirties, it certainly does not mean the end of enjoying amazing sex!

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