Product Highlight: Why We Love the Under the Mattress Restraint


Sticks and stones may break my bones…but whips and chains excite me! When bondage is something you love,or you simply love the idea of it, you’re going to want to add an under the mattress restraint.

You have the chance to turn your bed into a bondage playground. Most of the restraints slide right under your mattress, which means there’s nothing permanent to install on the walls or in the ceiling. Setup happens in a matter of minutes – and then you have four cuffs to use as you please.

To Tie or Be Tied?

Once the Sex and Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint Kit is in place, you have four cuffs to use as you please. This means there’s a big decision: Tie your lover down or have them tie you down.

There is fun to be had for both. If you tie your lover down, you enjoy being able to give them pleasure…and deciding on the tools you want to use, such as paddles and whips.

If you’re the one being tied down, your lover may choose to blindfold you and then expose you to ticklers, floggers, and more. It’s a chance to be the submissive in the relationship, which has its rewards. Plus, with the cuffs in place on your wrists and your ankles, you have to lay there and enjoy every moment. Just be sure you have a safe word in place if you decide you have had too much!

Turning your bed into a sex playground is just what you need. We love it and know you will, too!

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