Three’s Company: The Disco Triple Play from Evolved


Every once in a while we all feel like we need some more spice, not only in our romantic and personal relationships, but in our intimate relationships with our own bodies as well. Getting off is always nice no matter how we actually get to that point, and most of us probably have a tried and true method of achieving orgasm regularly, but sometimes we just need something more. Our hands get tired, a basic bullet vibrator becomes boring, and we secretly long for something just a little bit more stimulating to come around.

Introducing the Disco Triple Play from Evolved, here to rescue you from average, mediocre masturbation. If there’s something you want done to your nether regions, this game changer will do just about everything you could possibly need or want. Your new best friend is a 3-point vibrator that offers very specific attention to three of the most sensitive areas of the body, providing clitoris stimulation, penetration, G-Spot stimulation, and anal stimulation that adds up to an insane “trigasm” and a mind-blowing climax that’s sure to wake up even the most tired of personal playtime routines.


The Disco Triple Play is an entirely unique experience, allowing you to customize the vibration speeds and patterns all with the touch of one button, as well as selecting if you want one, two, or all three motors running at once depending on what you’re currently in the mood for. This toy is completely water proof and maintains full functioning abilities in and under water, so feel free to carry the fun to the bathtub or shower if you feel so inclined. Clean up is a breeze with warm water and Evolved toy cleaner, and you can easily recharge the device at any time with the provided USB cable. The Disco Triple Play is made of silicone and is completely latex and phthalate free, so you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive areas are safe from harm. It also boasts some enticing measurements and features, such as:

  • 8.75″ shaft length, 4.75″ insertable length, 1.75″ width, 5.5″ circumference
  • 2″ clitoral stimulator length
  • 3.25″ butt tickler insertable length, 0.75″ width
  • 8 powerful functions & vibrations
  • ABS plastic handle with chrome accent
  • Colored lights at base to indicate changes in speed and function

Don’t endure another day with boring, routine orgasms. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the attentions and stimulations of the Disco Triple Play from Evolved.

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