Train Your Body: Finish Fast, Climax Quick, and Expedite your Orgasm


Climaxing is the pinnacle of the sexual experience. Orgasms leave us with euphoria and satisfaction. The build up to the climax is often invigorating and arousing, but what happens when the climax needs to happen quickly? What happens when we only have a matter of minutes with our partners or by ourselves, and we want the anticipated completion? How do we create a fun, fast finish? Humans have the ability to train our bodies to climax faster. Here’s how:

Frisky Female Fulfillment:

Treat yourself! Seriously. Spend some time learning the pressure, friction, and areas that feel the best for you. When you know what arouses you and what sets you over the top, you will know how to climax faster. Whether with a partner or alone, you can use your new knowledge to make the finale fantastic.

Mentally Prepare! Many women are aroused mentally far before physical stimulation occurs. Spend some time prepping yourself. Excite yourself by thinking about the carnal activities that spike your heart rate, run through steamy scenarios in your mind, and remember how the physical touch effects your body.


Increase stimulation! There are many reasons why Romantix products stimulate multiple erogenous zones. Find a position to maximize the impact on your clitoris and focus on stimulating multiple areas at once. The more you and/or your partner explore at once, the faster you will ascend to satisfaction.

Maximum Mirth for Men:

Get in your groove! Everyone is different, so each of our preferences are unique. Some people enjoy slow, sensual experiences. Some people enjoy the act hard and fast. Regardless of your preference, learn the friction, position, and speed that invigorates you. Whether with a partner or solo, find your rhythm and climax with when you see fit.

Mind over matter! The mentality of an orgasm is not just a myth about females. Men experience insecurities, doubt, and anxiety, too. All of those negative emotions will build up and cause a mental block, which delays climax. Relax, clear your mind, and focus on the physical sensations.

Squeeze your glutes! While thrusting, clenching your glutes together creates pressure and automatic focus of sensation toward your penis. The more positive sensation, the closer to payoff. If you are with your partner or with yourself, play up your sense and explore multiple movements at once.

For more information, ideas, tricks, tips, and products for exciting experiences, contact us.

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