Things Every Man Should Know About His Penis


Let’s face it; the penis is any man’s favorite appendage, but how well do you really know your manhood?

Here are 6 things every man should know about his penis.

Don’t worry, it’s just cold

Most men know that when the temperature drops so does the size of their penis, but by how much? It can shrink up to 50% in length when exposed to temperatures under 60 degrees. Your penis is basically going into hibernation. Why does this happen? The blood vessels in your penis shut down causing the penis to lose its fullness. Once you’re exposed to warmer temperatures, your penis will return to its normal size and blood flow is restored.


Size of the boat or motion of the ocean

Have you ever thought, “Am I too small?” Most men might say they have, but not to worry. Did you know, the size of an average man’s erect penis is 5.2 inches long? So put that ruler away and start being proud of your penis.

Worried your size might affect your performance? Give vibrating rings a try. They give intense pleasure for both him and her and are even waterproof *wink wink*.

Morning Wood

If you wake up with an erection, congratulations, you have a healthy functioning penis. You actually get “morning wood” 3 to 5 times a night. This helps keep the penis soft/stretchy and keeps your erections from shortening.

The Sweet Spot

Most men know that the most sensitive area of the penis is the tip. More specifically, the “sweet spot” for the average man is right under the tip called the frenulum. For those uncircumcised fellows, you’ll get the most sensitivity from the foreskin.

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It Can Break

The penis may not have any bones in it, but it can still be fractured. It’s caused by sex or even masturbation. If your penis is bent too far, the vessels found in the tissue of your erection can pop leaving you with a broken stiffy.

Cigarette vs. Penis

Not only is smoking bad for your health, it’s also bad for your penis. Smoking can shorten the size of your penis by at least 10 centimeters. Cigarettes can cause your blood vessels to calcify which can decrease erectile circulation.



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