Have You Ever Woken the Neighbors with Loud Sex?


There’s sex, and then there’s loud sex. Waking the neighbors because you’re having a good time is nothing you should really apologize about. Chances are, they’re knocking on the door because they’re jealous.


I’ve had the loud kind of sex that you only thought was possible in porn movies. My husband was going down on me in a hotel room in Berlin. He hit the spot with his tongue and got the rhythm going with his fingers and I screamed out. And I continued to scream and moan until he finally let up. During that time, we had people banging on the walls from two different directions.

We finally had to stop because the manager was yelling at us in German through the door. We opened the door in a state of undress, apologized in as much German as we could muster, and he looked more embarrassed than we should have been.

While living in apartments, I’ve woken neighbors as well. I’ve also been woken by other neighbors having their own good times.


It happens. Sex isn’t a quiet activity at all times and it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, in order to get the right release, it needs to be screamed out. And if the headboard is banging against the wall at the same time, it makes quite a bit of noise. Don’t stop unless you’re forced to stop. Apologize later and be done with it. And if you need a ball gag to guarantee a quieter time, let us know.

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