Relationship Revenge…What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done?


It’s time to fess up. What are some of the meanest things you have ever done in order to get back at someone? Relationships are messy and when they don’t end well, you might feel as though you have to take some kind of action in order to level the playing field.

Below are some of the most revengeful things we’ve heard about.

Sleep with a Friend

Cheating is hard to get over. There’s one way to set the record straight and that’s by sleeping with their friend. If they have a sibling, you could even take it up a notch and sleep with their brother or sister. It’s all a matter of just how mean you want to be.


Spread a Rumor

Want to make life miserable for the other person? Rumors could be spread about that person having crabs or any other sexually transmitted disease. You could also let people know that they are bad in bed, which could really hurt their reputation.

Release Photos/Videos

Inappropriate photos and videos might be taken over the course of a relationship. The best thing to do is delete them when the relationship ends. However, some people have gotten crazy enough to release them online – or even submit them to amateur porn sites.

Hijack Their Social Media Account

There have been plenty of people to hijack their ex’s Facebook or Twitter account. This is when photos are shared, posts are made, and all sorts of craziness can ensue

Disclaimer: We would never promote any of these behaviors, no matter how warranted they might be. Find outmore about what relationship advice we have to offer.

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