Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised Penises: Unhooding the Issue


Although circumcision rates have fallen in recent years, many women still haven’t had an encounter with an uncircumcised penis yet. This had led to uncircumcised penises having something of an air of mystery to them. However, when erect, you couldn’t even tell the difference between the circumcised and uncircumcised penis. It is only in the throes of post-coital relaxation that the differences become apparent. If they don’t look different during sex, are uncircumcised penises so mysterious after all? Let’s look at the facts and pull back the hood.

One of the most long-standing facts about uncircumcised penises is that they are more sensitive than their circumcised counterparts. This remains completely true. After having the foreskin removed, the shaft begins to lose sensitivity overtime in a process called keratinisation. The foreskin was meant to protect from frequent contact (like, for example, rubbing against underwear) and without it, the senses are dulled. However, this increased sensitively doesn’t mean that uncircumcised men will not last as long in bed. According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine a circumcised man lasts 6.7 minutes until ejaculation compared to 6.0 minutes for an uncircumcised man.

While women know that those precious seconds can make all the difference, it is likely that they will orgasm faster with an uncircumcised man. While the foreskin recedes when aroused, the excess acts as something akin to a massager inside the vagina during sex. It creates a wider array of sensations during the act and the stimulation combined with the foreskin’s natural lubricant help decrease female dryness.

Unfortunately, for all the fun that women can have with an uncircumcised man, many women find them gross, even without having any experience with them. That is all thanks to one nasty myth that uncircumcised penises are somehow dirtier. After all, circumcision was created to help keep the penis clean, right? In reality, that is only true during a man’s infant years before he can wash himself. So why does that still equate to grown men? Let’s be real here, if a man doesn’t wash, uncircumcised or no, his penis will be dirty. This may have been the case for the women who created the rumors, or they could have mistaken the foreskin’s natural lubricant as something more untoward. Regardless, if a man washes, uncircumcised penises are a real thrill in so many different ways.

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