I love my Doll… My Sweet Partner


Object sexuality, formally known as objectophilia, is when someone’s sexuality is focused on particular inanimate objects. These individuals often express strong feelings of attraction, love, and commitment to certain items in their possession. For some people with objectophilia, sexual relationships with humans rather than their doll (or another object) are incomprehensible.

How Does This Deep Bond Form?

Object-sexual individuals sometimes believe in animism, sensing the reciprocation of their feelings from the object of their affection. Animism (derived from the Latin word anima, meaning breath, spirit, or life) is the belief that objects, places, and living creatures all possess a unique spiritual essence. They perceive all things in existence including animals, plants, stone, seas, weather, and even human handiwork to be animated or alive. While the term may seem new to some, animism is actually the oldest known belief system on Earth. It even predates paganism. Some even believe that these objects have souls, intelligence, experience feelings, and are able to communicate back.

Is It Safe?

When it comes to any kind of sex toy, including sex dolls, sanitation and hygiene are vital! Keeping your toys (and yourself) clean is the only way to truly know that your sex toy is safe in the sense of germs. The only other thing to keep in mind is using an ample amount of lubricant to avoid unnecessary discomfort. If you follow those two simple rules, your sex doll is completely safe to use. (Inhalation can be a risk among inflatable dolls, which is why it is important to regularly check the condition of your sex toys.)

It Is Healthy?

The truth is that human beings actually have a long history of erotic interaction involving inanimate objects. This is widely displayed in literature referencing everything including sex toys, statues, leather boots and even large public structures. We have successfully incorporated objects into countless intimate and erotic activities as well. Most of these people become aware of the object of affection during their childhood. Some sexologists believe that this is a sign that our society is slowly drifting toward asexuality. However, many doctors and psychologist just conclude that it’s part of the human sexuality spectrum. While it may not be understood by the “mainstream,” it is part of the relationship between the human race and our sexuality.

How Taboo Could It Be?

In 2009, National Geographic’s TV show Taboo had an episode that covers an individual who has objectophilia. Is it really that taboo, though? In this episode, they relate the relationship to that of an artist and their muse. On “National Men’s Day” in Lithuania, there is a swimming race that involves men utilizing sex dolls as rafts. Yet, there is a bit of a taboo feeling surrounding object sexuality. While the use of sex dolls is socially acceptable in some swimming events and bachelorette parties, relations with these objects are sometimes deemed inappropriate by those who don’t understand. The truth is, there is quite a market for sex dolls with some costing upwards of $10,000 each, proving they may not be as taboo as they seem!

Sex dolls come in a variety of styles and designs. Whether you’re looking for a blow up to take to your stag-party or a silicon partner for life, there is a sex doll designed specifically for your needs. Sex dolls can be a big commitment and sometimes an expensive purchase. So be sure that you take the time to discover the perfect sex doll for you. Not everyone has objectophilia, however, it is important to respect each person’s right to the pursuit of happiness, no matter who or what holds their heart. If you are interested in learning more about the sex dolls we carry feel free to contact us or visit our online store.

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