Why Do We Kiss: The Reasons Why Kissing is so Important in a Relationship


Kissing is most often the first physical connection between two people in the initial phase of any relationship. We all remember our first kiss, whether good or bad, whether it was with our current partner or not. There’s a first kiss for every new relationship, and arguably, kissing is so important because of these initial experiences.


Sex is another experience, the culmination of these physical relations, but why do we kiss after we’ve discovered the highest degree of physical relations?

There’s something about the nostalgia and innocence of a kiss. It often becomes a symbolic representation of the entire relationship between two people. When you come home from work, sometimes nothing is better than just holding your partner and kissing them to show your appreciation for them, perhaps something beyond sexual relations and sexual appreciation. We feel disconnected when we don’t kiss, and during sex it feels even more disconnecting if not almost insulting.


Kissing is almost as crucial of a component during foreplay before sex as it is in a relationship, perhaps because of the implicit and subliminal tendencies to perceive kissing as the innocent part of the physical nature behind our relationships. If somebody has no interest in kissing, cuddling, or giving their partner head before having sex it can have a tremendous amount of impact on the experience for them mentally and physically. Sometimes kissing and not rushing to or only wanting sex conjures memories of the beginning of your relationship that you might miss, the part of your relationship you associate with innocence, the parts of your time together when you realized and had your first thoughts about being with that person forever.

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