Legs And Hose: Nuzzle Them, Rip Them, Love Them, Wrap Them Around Me


It’s fall, which means that for most of the northern hemisphere, it’s the season for skin-tight leggings, lacy panty hose, and sexy stockings. Nylon enthusiasts create websites with daily updates featuring programs with women wearing pantyhose or spandex, YouTube tribute compilations, and someone even wrote a recent Entertainment Weekly post dedicated to the sexiest lingerie scenes.


It’s clear that there is something a bit naughty about lingerie, but it’s time for the bra and panties part to step aside for a moment and let their underestimated friend, pantyhose, take center stage for those amongst us with an appreciation for legs, hosiery, and bodystockings. Some of us might love lingerie so much that we consider it a fetish.




The allure of stockings is that everyone wonders what’s underneath the fall skirts and outfits. One porn trope is the naughty office lady or nurse, but stockings don’t require a larger-than-life set

for transforming the ordinary woman (or the lucky ladies in our lives) into a knockout. Anyone can participate in this fetish with minimal effort and tease their partner, or vice versa.

The neat thing about stockings is that they have so many applications. A simple pair of lesbian_iStock_000008703695Small

tights become a titillating way of accentuating legs and highlighting a great pair of gams. Next, pantyhose make bodies and their contours even sexier, as well as taking off someone’s clothing. Lastly, a pair of hose has uses like being cloyingly pulled down (or ripped off for getting down to the dirty faster), used for light bondage practices, and/ or used to tickle someone’s stomach.

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