Sexual Teasing: Torture We Just Can’t Get Enough Of


Teasing… it’s a bad thing, isn’t it? While the idea normally brings to mind some negative connotations, sexual teasing can be a good thing for your sex life. Of course, teasing without any intent to provide release might not be nice, but there are plenty of reasons to add teasing into your routine if you hadn’t before.

All Eyes On You

When your partner is teasing you to the verge of orgasm again and again, he or she is completed focused on you. When else in your life do you have the opportunity to relax and let someone else take the reins? If you’re tied up, the only thing you can do is sit back and enjoy, even if it’s delicious torture! When someone teases you, they’re not selfishly concentrating in their own needs.

Anticipation Builds

As your partner’s attention is on you, you might not know what they’re going to do next — or when they’re going to stop. Will they use their hands, mouth or your favorite vibrator? Is that a paddle or a spatula that’s been corrupted for sexy time? Perhaps the way they touch you isn’t the way you’d normally touch yourself, and that’s a good thing!

Anticipation can be tantalizing, building up and making every touch feel electric, even if it’s a caress like ones you’ve felt a thousand times before.

More Time Together

Teasing draws out the time you spend with your partner. You don’t just kiss, strip, and hop into the sack. Instead, you slow it down and spend more time together, which might help you feel more connected and even ease negative sexual anxiety by giving you time to fully get into the mindset and become comfortable — at least, as comfortable as you can when you’re being teased.

Teasing takes the focus off the goal (orgasm) and shifts it to the journey. This may even help some people experience orgasm more easily, which leads us to our next point!

Ultimate Payoff

That drawn out anticipation and being brought to the edge of orgasm, sometimes and time again, can lead to an orgasm that’s much stronger than the one you would have experienced without teasing. This is the reason why so many people like edging (bringing themselves to orgasm then backing off multiple times before finally allowing themselves to come).

Sexual teasing can feel like torture, but it builds arousal and tension in a way that can be explosive when you’re finally able to touch yourself or your partner and orgasm at last.

Check out other posts on our blog to get ideas to tease your partner, or contact us today if you want more sex tips!

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