Colors That Affect Our Sexual Desires

Throughout history, colors have symbolized things both consciously and subconsciously, including aspects of sexuality. If you asked people what colors might illicit sexual desires, most would probably reply red or black. However, there’s a variety of colors associated with affecting an individual’s sexual desires.


Red, The Seducer

Studies show that the color red worn by men increase women’s attraction to them. This is backed up throughout history with red continually being associated with masculine power including kings, popes, and judges. Red’s sexual and erotic symbolism is seen in “red light districts,” red roses, the “Lady in Red,” or and even the “Scarlet Letter.” Lipstick demonstrates an excellent example of this. Socially we consider red shades sexy, but the reason is surprisingly scientific. When you become aroused your heart rate hastens and causes increased blood flow to your lips, which turns them slightly more red naturally. Does that make lipstick a psychological parlor trick?

Black, The Powerfulwoman_Beauty-portrait-of-a-young-blonde-woman-501261532_5616x3744_bw_preview

Much like red, black is associated with power and dominance, as well as aggression. Which makes sense that a lot of BDSM toys come in black. It is also commonly found as a favorite color in both male and female lingerie. It’s seen as a provocative color often perpetuated by references such the “little black dresses” and movies like “50 Shades of Grey.”



Purple, The Imaginative

People with purple bedrooms are known to have more active sex lives. It is also believed to boost sexual imagination and sensuality, as well. Purple even increases sexual desire and creativity when worn as clothes or added as bedroom decor. Similar to the color red, purple is seen as attractive and compelling in clothing. It too has been traditionally worn by royalty, religious leaders, and people in power.


Copper & Bronze, The SensualDominatrix-000011186632_Large_preview

These colors are typically associated with enticing feelings of love, passion, and sensuality. Accents of bronze or copper in your bedroom add beauty and increase the intimacy in your relationship. They increase sexual desires as fashion accessories for both genders as well.


e1Orange, The Playful

If you’re interested in increasing the playful nature of your sex life, add orange as your accent color! It is known to provoke playfulness, sensuality, and vibrancy in bed. Choosing to add this color to your bedroom or wardrobe brings a spark to your play time as a couple.




Pink, The Nurturing

Pink has a unique effect on sexual desire. It draws nurturing, sweet, and tender feelings, as well as that of security. While having a pink bedroom or accents is uncommon for couples, this effect is utilized most often through an individual’s choice of attire. This is one of the reasons society has associated females with the color pink.



Also considered that each culture has unique attitudes, behaviors, and qualities attributed to each of these colors. Also, there are personal associations based on experiences that alter an individual’s opinion of “the most sexually attractive” or “the least sexually attractive.” Not mention a variety of other confounding variables as well. For more ways to improve your sex life, feel free to check out our blog or contact us today!

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