Is It Possible To Have Too Much Sex?


Ecouple_iStock_000073450505_Doubleveryone knows when they aren’t getting enough sex. We recognize that our appetite isn’t satisfied in several ways. You daydream about it, even at inappropriate times. Perhaps you dream about it when you’re asleep. Your senses wake up at the nearness of someone you find attractive, and an accidental brush against their body feels electric. You feel distracted, and maybe ashamed, that you can’t get your mind out of the gutter. You might be embarrassed about how often you masturbate, but there is no other way to release the pressure of sexual frustration.

Many have never wondered what it looks like to have the opposite problem. Is it possible to have too much sex? And does being single or attached matter?

lesbians_iStock_000022673962SmallHow could a single person have too much sex? You’re likely thinking, is anyone that lucky? The truth is, if someone who is single has too much sex, it’s probably not due to luck. They’re working for it. If they’re getting-it-on almost every night, chances are, they spend quite a bit of precious time seeking out partners. If someone is spending half the day in search of a warm body, work performance is suffering, and they’re having a hard time staying awake during the day, then it’s possible they are having too much sex. In this case, things need put into perspective, and quality chosen over quantity.

It’s impossible for two people in a committed relationship to have too much sex, right? Doesn’t this just mean that they have a great relationship? Not always.
There are some signs to look for to know if you’re having too much sex.


First, listen to your body. Are you exhausted during the day, from staying up at night to have sex? Are your parts sore? If the answer is yes, then you need a break. Let your body recover, and get a good nights sleep. Is your partner less enthusiastic about your advances than they were before? Do you ever get the feeling that you’re bothering them? If so, back off a bit, and talk to your partner. Are you being productive in other areas of your life? Or are you often late for work, household chores undone, still haven’t started that new project? A yes answer, if you still manage to have sex once or more every day, signals that you could be having too much sex. Perhaps you need to take a look at your priorities. Sex is important, but life is better well-rounded. Last, do you find yourself turning to sex daily, or even more, to avoid problems in your life or relationship?



Some people will use sex as an escape, rather than confronting issues. You know if this describes you, and if it does, then you’re having too much sex. Resist the urge to use your partner as an escape, and start confronting your problems.


Sex is a big part of life and love. Just remember that it isn’t the only part. Enjoy sex to the fullest, but always be safe, healthy, and never abuse it.

One thought on “Is It Possible To Have Too Much Sex?

  • I think it’s all about moderation just like work food drugs drinking etc if you have a addictive personality well you know the rest.lm single but priority first then pleasure.


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