3 things to do when your partner finishes too fast (so you can orgasm too!)


Is your partner a premature ejaculator? We all know the feeling – you get super turned on from the foreplay, but then you’re left hanging as your man finishes way too fast. Well do not fret! The next time the steamy tantric sex you were expecting turns into a quick draw, try these 3 things to do when your partner finishes too fast (so you can orgasm too!).

  1. Play with a toy. If the sex itself wasn’t stimulating enough for you, have your partner either use a vibrator on you or watch you while you get yourself off with it. We suggest the Hitachi Magic Wand for maximum pleasure and control.
  2. Oral sex. Sure he’s tired but don’t let him off the hook that easy. Ask him to go down on you. And who knows – seeing you enjoying yourself might help him get in the mood for a second round!
  3. Try, try again. Men can often last longer the more times a day they ejaculate, so if he’s up for a second round you might be pleasantly surprised by his stamina.

If his short stamina is becoming a pattern, try either starting out slow or have him bring you to orgasm before he gets to cum. Some men wear cock rings to delay ejaculation; many even have added stimulation for you, so why not try it out? Our favorite is the Monarch Vibrating Cockring.

Questions, comments? Contact us for more information on what to do when a guy finishes too fast, as well as solutions for chronic premature ejaculators.

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