The Importance of Looks in One-Night Stands

couple_iStock_000057294518_XXXLarge_previewIf you’re out prowling around for a one-night stand, does it truly matter what the person you’re in for looks like? An immature or inexperienced person would immediately default to, ‘you can’t sleep with anyone who isn’t attractive.’ Let’s examine that, shall we?

Looks Are The Most Important

If looks are the most important thing to you, then you’re going to have a little bit of difficulty finding a one-night stand. Why? Because you’re immediately limiting your options to only people that are supremely attractive. Furthermore, you’re not going to engage anyone who might be a good romp even though their face is possibly a little busted. However, if you’re looking for an incredible, visual night–one that you will remember forever–then looks are what you should aim for.

Looks Are Unimportant

If you’re out for a one-night stand with zero standards, you’ll likely find your one-night stand. How so? Bars are loaded with thirsty folks, engage as many as you can and you’ll eventually find someone willing to hop in the sack with you. Of course, that person might be the ugliest person at the bar–or in the city–but you’ll find someone, most definitely.

The Verdict

So should looks be important to you when looking for a one-night stand? Yes, and no.

While you shouldn’t lower your bar any lower than you’re willing to go for a sexual partner, keep in mind that some people who might not be super attractive have great personalities or hidden talents that you can only discover while discovering them naked.

So, be open to who you are searching for on your one-night stand prowl-around. You don’t need to take home the hottest person you see, in fact, they could very likely be a dead fish in bed. Find someone you connect with enough to enjoy yourself, that’s what counts during a one-night stand.

If you have any questions about setting standards for one-night stands, please contact us today!

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